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Excellent lawyer
Carrah is a professional lawyer. She was very helpful in our case, had all her facts right and had all the answers regards to our case. She ensured we were updated on our case, followed up in any pending matters, we were missing some paper work she pulled them from the court ensuring we don't go through the trouble and we were so confident in her. She was always available or when you miss her she will definitely get back. Me and my husband appreciate her professional, knowledgeable and responsive ways. I would definately recommend her at any one time am a satisfied customer she is excellent.
– Aquilina, Client
Best experience I've ever had with an attorney
I've had many attorneys throughout my life (unfortunately, I've made a lot of bad choices over the years which resulted in many run-ins with the law) and I can honestly say that Carrah was, by far, the best who has ever represented me. Not only was Carrah knowledgeable, but she was compassionate and caring. She treated me and my family like friends, not just clients. She showed respect and tact in all of her dealings with us, and she made sure we were well informed about everything that was happening with my case. Carrah went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with the proceedings, while doing her best to make sure I got a fair and just sentence. In the end, my sentence was not only fair, but it was better than I could have hoped for. I very easily could have gone to jail due to my prior record, but Carrah seemed to see potential in me where sometimes others didn't (Sometimes, I didn't even see it myself) and she did an amazing job of conveying that potential to the judge, who ultimately gave me a chance to succeed. Thanks to Carrah, I didn't spend a single minute in jail, and instead was given an opportunity to turn my life around. I took full advantage of this opportunity and am now a completely different person. I'm working full-time, just got married, and am finally a responsible and beneficial member of society. People make mistakes, but I'm of the opinion that everyone has the ability to turn their lives around with help and support. Carrah Crofton was an integral part of the support system that I needed to become the person I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful. I would recommend Carrah to anyone looking for an effective, knowledgeable and hard working attorney who truly has her client's best interests at heart.
– Derrick, Client
Ms. Carrah Crofton is an amazing Immigration lawyer. She is just, fair, and honest. I am from Jordan and had a long battle with Immigration and was facing deportation. Ms. Crofton stepped in, helped me win my case and got me the derived citizenship. Communication was great and she followed through with her plan and succeed in just a couple of months. I would recommend her to anyone with any immigration issues especially citizenship. My family and I could not be more pleased and grateful.
– Dan Ibrahim, Client
Carrah is very professional and down to earth. I'm Vietnamese and I came to the US through a student visa. My husband and I got married in 2015. There were some complications about my visa and status so I contacted several attorneys in Michigan to ask about the process of getting my green card. Not only they were not helpful but they also overcharged me. I was in a state of desperation and confusion until I talked to Carrah. She was very informative and straightforward. She would answer any concerns I had very quickly, and the cost was very affordable. I would totally recommend her to anyone in need of lawful advises/services, especially regarding immigrations!
– Uyen Ho, Client
Carrah was great. I moved from Ireland with my wife (a u.s citizen) whom I was married to for 3 and a half years at the time. Carrah immediately filed our paperwork, explained exactly what documents we needed to get together and talked us through how the whole process would go. As the different stages were complete she let me know what my different visas allowed me to do as regards working etc. She was always contactable by phone and email and promptly answered any and all questions and addressed all concerns we had. The day of our interview clashed with an important deportation case for another client and she had a colleague accompany us to the interview (after making it clear she could have the interview date changed if this made us uncomfortable) and it all went off without a hitch. Her colleague actually mentioned how thorough and comprehensive the file she made for us was and seemed very impressed with it. I have and will continue to recommend Carrah to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer and will continue to use her if the need arises again.
– Dennis O'Donovan, Client
After dealing with many different attorneys for a couple of years and having zero success on my case, I came across Carrah Crofton, a young honest and hard working women who was able to solve my situation. She's a very knowledgeable attorney and I can definitely recommend Mrs. Crofton.
– Jeydy Marben, Client
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